Les Grands Ballets Canadiens Website

In 2011, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens needed help simplifying a complex ticket purchasing flow. We provided interaction concepts as well as ideas for a refreshed web experience.

Purchasing tickets for Les Grands Ballets Canadiens was a complex process that could involve purchasing season tickets, packages of multiple shows, or single tickets for performances. Our concepts aimed to make the ticket purchase process clearer and more visual, so that first-time purchasers could understand what they were getting, and visualize the calendar of performances.

Along the way, this small project evolved into concepts for a revamped website that would showcase larger images and preview videos in 16:9 HD format, larger typography, and easy-to-understand visual modules to get more information on performances, ticket purchasing, directions, scheduling and more.

Les Grands Ballets incorporated some of our concepts into their website redesign, including larger images, more obvious calls to action and ticket purchasing functions.

This project was in collaboration with marketing consultant / producer Duncan Moore.


A.J. Kandy

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