Hire me!

As of March 2021, I’m looking for a new role as a Senior / Lead UX designer, particularly roles with a path towards leadership.

I’m open to contract work (minimum 6 months) and full-time positions.

I’m a Canadian citizen based in Calgary, AB, and am open to local jobs (preferably downtown) or remote / WFH positions from anywhere.

For shorter projects (under 3 months), my daily rate is $1,500 CDN.

For contract and fulltime work, I prefer to work with modern, progressive companies with:

  • At least 30% women / underrepresented minorities in senior leadership roles
  • Record of solid action for progressive social change
  • Accommodations for neurodiverse employees
  • Training and promotion from within
  • Low employee turnover
  • No cubicle farms or open plan offices (seriously, I just can’t.)
  • Crucially: They should have existing design / UX teams, with representation for design at the VP / C-suite level, and regularly use research and cross-functional teams to create and refine products.

I prefer not to work for companies involved with:

  • Fossil fuels
  • Firearms / military tech
  • Tobacco products
  • Anti-union / anti-living-wage actions
Oh, and if you’re trying to sell me SEO services, please note that all your messages go straight into the spam bucket, so save yourself the trouble.